Capoeira Songs
As first written by the slaves, Capoeira songs speak of freedom and hope, of fighting and of unity. The music and singing brings emotion to the game.
Capoeira Songs can be divided into 4 categories:
*Quadras(4 line songs),
*Corridos(call and respond songs),
*Chulas (Canto de Entradas)
It does not matter how good or bad you are at singing, in our Capoeira Classes the emphasis is on having fun and concouraging each other to try their best.

A new song Booklet (The Green Book) is now avaliable for Espeto`s students. It contains 100 easy Corridos for beginners. Here are some examples of some of the Capoeira songs found in the book.
Coming soon is The Yellow Book for intermediate levels and The Blue Book for more Advanced students.


whitebook Beginners Book  
greenbook Song Book vol.1  

You can listen 100 easy capoeira songs by mp3.
yellowbook Song Book vol.2  
Coming soon....
bluebook Song Book vol.3  
Coming soon....