Learn Capoeira!
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Capoeira is a mixture of body and soul, of fighting and dancing, of musical instruments and voices. It is a highly structured Brazilian martial art with a grading system of colored belts. For Forca da Arte the colors based on Brazilian Flag. Capoeira is a complete form of exercise requiring you to use physical, mental and emotional agility, putting together high kicks and spectacular acrobatics whilst moving about in a form of dance to try and trick your opponent.
Blending these elements of speed, flexibility and strength you can give your body a complete form of exercise as well as have fun and meet new friends.
Students are encouraged to learn all aspects of Capoeira. These include singing, clapping in rhythm, playing musical instruments, acrobatics and of course Capoeira's unique self defense movements. Successful combination of all these elements makes the difference between an average player and a good Capoeirista.
The emphasis is not on how well you can do a certain part of Capoeira but how much energy you put into all the elements to create a complete game. So have a go and have fun.
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